TMJ/TMD Therapy in San Francisco, CA

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What Is TMJ/TMD?

While TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, TMD refers to the disorder of this joint. These problems can have a negative effect on the jaw and the muscles of the face that control it as well as your oral health.

The temporomandibular joint is a hinge that connects your jaw to the temporal bones of your skull. Since Dr. Stein is trained extensively in facial and oral anatomy, she is uniquely qualified to treat TMJ/TMD disorders in San Francisco.

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The Benefits of TMD Treatment

If you suffer from TMD, seeking treatment in San Francisco may help you:

  • Reduce the risk of dental problems associated with tooth grinding
  • Chew without discomfort and enjoy food again
  • Ensure the health of your ears as tinnitus and TMD are closely correlated
  • Enjoy an improved quality of life

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We are aiming to heighten your dental experience at every turn. This includes providing a wide variety of insurance and financing options for your convenience.

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We are aiming to heighten your dental experience at every turn. This includes providing a wide variety of insurance and financing options for your convenience.

What Are the Symptoms of TMD?

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Pain or discomfort

You may feel tenderness around the jaw, and in the areas around the ears and temples. Also, the pain may increase while you are chewing or are stressed.

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Difficulty Opening  Mouth

It may become difficult for you to completely open your mouth due to the pain. This can sometimes feel like muscle stiffness or locking.

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Movement of the Jaw

If you hear popping, grinding, or clicking noises when you move your jaw, you may be able to benefit from TMD treatment.

How Do You Treat TMD?

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At-Home Advice

Some methods can help you get some pain relief without a visit to a doctor. For example, you can eat softer foods, apply ice packs to the jaw, and massage the sore areas of your jaw. Keep in mind that these steps are not a permanent solution and can only provide temporary relief. In addition to these at-home care tips to initially ease your discomfort, we strongly recommend you come into our San Francisco practice for a consultation as soon as possible.


Botox is commonly used to enhance your features cosmetically, but it can also be used to treat TMD pain. Dr. Stein will inject Botox into the muscles of the jaw, forehead, and temples to limit the function of those muscles for a certain period of time. As a result, your muscles and tendons will begin to heal and the pain should decrease in intensity after the procedure. It's not a permanent fix, however, so we recommend coming in for follow up procedures when the treatment wears off.

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Am I a Good Candidate for TMD Treatment?

TMD/TMJ can often go undiagnosed. If you think you may be experiencing any of possible symptoms, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Stein at 450 Sutter in San Francisco just to be sure. She will gently examine your temporomandibular joint and provide you with the answers and relief you need.

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