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The Importance of Routine Preventive Care

Proper at-home care plays a crucial role in your overall oral health, but the other piece of that puzzle is regular dental visits. By coming into our office routinely for checkups and cleanings at 450 Sutter, our San Francisco dentist will be able to track your oral health and help you avoid costly more invasive procedures in the future.

At Sutter Dental Collective, Dr. Stein takes a tailored approach to dentistry. Not only will we help you keep your smile in tip top shape, but we also gladly make personalized recommendations on at-home care products and educate you on the best oral health practices.

Judgment-Free Periodontal Care in SF

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Deep Cleaning

If you have gingivitis or another stage of periodontal disease, we may recommend deep cleaning. A deep teeth cleaning goes beyond a regular cleaning in that it thoroughly cleans between the teeth and gums, removing any excess or hardened tartar to ensure optimum oral health.

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Scaling may also be used to eliminate the bacteria on the tooth surface and beneath the gum line. Scaling is also used to remove tartar build-up. Dr. Stein uses laser and ultrasonic tools to keep you comfortable every step of the way.

Root Planing

Root planing is a dental procedure from our San Francisco practice that will smooth your roots and provide a base for better attachment of the tooth to the gum. It also removes bacteria from around the root to help reduce inflammation.

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We are aiming to heighten your dental experience at every turn. This includes providing a wide variety of insurance and financing options for your convenience.

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We are aiming to heighten your dental experience in San Francisco at every turn. This includes providing a wide variety of insurance and financing options for your convenience. Contact us to learn more today.

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Protect Your Smile With Fluoride

Did you know that fluoride isn’t just for kids? It is completely safe and can help you maintain a strong smile. Fluoride application helps reduce the risk of tooth decay by strengthening enamel through a process called remineralization.

When a tooth is decayed, it becomes depleted of essential minerals. Fluoride attracts these minerals back into the tooth structure. If your teeth could use a little revitalization, be sure to add on a fluoride treatment to your next appointment at 450 Sutter!

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Dental Sealants

Dental sealants offer maximum protection for deep-grooved teeth where cavities can easily hide. They protect your teeth from cavities by filling the tiny pits and cracks that are difficult to keep clean with brushing and flossing. This, in turn, prevents food from getting stuck and keep cavities at bay to avoid restorative procedures in the future.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Like other forms of cancer, oral cancer can be detected early through regular screenings. Early detection is essential in fighting oral cancer and results in better outcomes. During each routine visit in San Francisco, Dr. Stein will thoroughly examine your mouth and throat to look for any abnormalities. Routine exams like these give you peace of mind and help you take a proactive approach to your oral health.

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